Frequently Asked Questions About The Angelus

Why was The Angelus started?

The founder, Pauline Shaver, saw a need. Pauline, was a teacher prior to founding The Angelus. While taking classes, she met a young lady in a wheelchair and after asking questions, decided that this would be her calling.

Does The Angelus have any religious affiliation with the church?

No. The Angelus is non-denominational, but we will provide transportation to the different churches in the area. Obviously, providing transportation to several different churches is logistically impossible, but if a resident expresses a desire to go to a church, we do our best to assist them.

Are the homes co-ed?

Yes, the homes are co-ed, but the bedrooms are all same sex.

As a family member, am I allowed to come and visit?

ABSOLUTELY!! We encourage this. Even though the staff and other residents become their “Angelus family,” we never assume we can take the place of personal family. We all enjoy seeing our family, people that are special to just us.

Please keep in mind that bedrooms are shared and their roommate may want to be in their space. Staff will not ask another resident to leave their space so your family members can “hangout” in the bedroom. If privacy is required, management can make arrangements for a room or private area.

In addition to visiting, we encourage family members to attend events, holiday dinners, taking a family member to the beach, a movie, etc.

What funding does The Angelus accept?

The Angelus will accept the Florida Medicaid Waiver or private pay, which could include a trust fund or insurance.

If you need to learn more about the Florida Medicaid Waiver, go to the Agency for Persons With Disability website at

Can a bedroom be decorated or painted?

Yes and no. Decorations and personal items are suggested and recommended, but keep in mind most of the bedrooms are shared so we have to be respectful to the roommate also.

But at times we do have private room availability and at that point yes making a bedroom someone personal space can happen.

Does The Angelus have nurses on staff?

No. The Angelus is not a medical facility. The people we serve are not medically needy. All of our staff are trained in accordance with APD regulations regarding, First Aid, Medication Administration, CPR. In addition our managers attend the doctor appointments or are in constant contact with the doctors when necessary.


Support the Angelus

The Angelus relies heavily on donations and community involvement. To make a financial donation you can choose to make a one-time donation or you can schedule monthly donations. Any and all donations are welcome.

 The Angelus is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.