The Angelus Leadership Team 

Chief Executive Officer

  • Joseph R. Neri

Board of Directors

  • Stephen C. Booth – Chairman
  • Pauline Shaver – President
  • Donald Faunce – Vice President
  • David J. Shaver – Secretary
  • Connie Lucco – Treasurer


  • Eddie Lees
  • Jerry Seaborn
  • Patrick Tesson
  • Skip Schaer
  • Bruce Kennedy
  • Ray Gadd
  • Maureen Donohue
  • Vanessa Ryan
  • Tina Farrell


  • Kim Goddard
  • Edward Beckman
  • Orville Williamson
The Angelus

Support the Angelus

The Angelus relies heavily on donations and community involvement. To make a financial donation you can choose to make a one-time donation or you can schedule monthly donations. Any and all donations are welcome.

 The Angelus is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.