Angelus Residential Care

Residential care should provide a person with a home that is safe and comfortable.

The Angelus is well-qualified to address the challenges of providing wheelchair accessible housing.

Residential Care Staff Meet APD Requirements

All of our staff meet the mandated APD requirements, which include, CPR and First Aid, medication administration, as well as on-going training throughout the year.

Since The Angelus is located in a rural setting there is also time spent outside, where the residents can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, go for walks with family, staff or friends.

Other services include but are not limited to:
  • Cable in common area
  • Hospital beds and linens
  • Dresser and closet space
  • Daily hygiene and personal assistance
  • Oral hygiene assistance 3 times a day
  • Frequent repositioning and skin checks throughout the day
  • Transportation to and from medical and dental appointments
  • Frequent on and off-sight entertainment activities of their  choice
  • Weekly outings into the community
  • Nutritious meals

Thoughts About The Angelus

  •   "What made me start The Angelus is there was a need for children in wheelchairs who couldn't walk at all. I ended up taking in one child, first. A week later, I got three more. And by the end of the year I had twelve."

    Pauline Shaver
    Pauline Shaver Founder / President
  • "There are a lot of worthy causes out there, but I'm proud to tell you about The Angelus. For over 26 years I've been watching how they provide love an support and comfortable housing for the residents that are so severly handicapped, many suffering with Cerebal Palsy."

    Charlie Daniels
    Charlie Daniels Country Music Artist

Support the Angelus

The Angelus relies heavily on donations and community involvement. To make a financial donation you can choose to make a one time donations or you can schedule monthly donations. Any and all donations are welcome.

 The Angelus is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.